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Area Code 705

There are 800 phone number prefixes within area code 705. Additionally, there are more than 800 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 705 is Ontario, Canada. Most numbers in this area code are in US Eastern time, where the time is currently 11:32:46 PM on July 24, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
705-600 Chapleau, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-601 Espanola, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-602 Gogama, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-603 Little Current, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-604 Massey, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-605 Noelville, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-606 Collingwood, Ontario Telus Mobility
705-607 Collingwood, Ontario Telus Mobility
705-608 Bethany, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-609 Hastings, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-610 Ontario (Unknown)
705-611 Ontario (Unknown)
705-612 Omemee, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-613 Ontario (Unknown)
705-614 Penetanguishene, Ontario Fibernetics Corporation
705-615 Stroud, Ontario Fibernetics Corporation
705-616 Peterborough, Ontario Comwave Networks
705-617 Wasaga Beach, Ontario Fibernetics Corporation
705-618 Sudbury, Ontario Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
705-619 Orillia, Ontario Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
705-620 Timmins, Ontario Northerntel Limited Partnership
705-621 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
705-622 New Liskeard, Ontario Telus Mobility
705-623 Barrie, Ontario Telus Mobility
705-624 Gowganda, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-625 Barrie, Ontario Ixica Communications Inc.
705-626 Sudbury, Ontario Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
705-627 Barrie, Ontario Bell Mobility
705-628 New Liskeard, Ontario Bragg Communications Inc.
705-629 Cobalt, Ontario Bragg Communications Inc.
705-630 Haileybury, Ontario Bragg Communications Inc.
705-631 Cobalt, Ontario Northerntel Limited Partnership
705-632 Campbellford, Ontario Bell Canada
705-633 Algonquin Park, Ontario Bell Canada
705-634 Virginiatown, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-635 Dwight, Ontario Bell Canada
705-636 Emsdale, Ontario Bell Canada
705-637 Bracebridge, Ontario Telus Integrated Communications
705-638 Larder Lake, Ontario Bell Mobility
705-639 Norwood, Ontario Bell Canada
705-640 Bracebridge, Ontario Exatel Inc.
705-641 Bracebridge, Ontario Bell Canada
705-642 Swastika, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-643 Larder Lake, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-644 Bracebridge, Ontario Bell Canada
705-645 Bracebridge, Ontario Bell Canada
705-646 Bracebridge, Ontario Bell Canada
705-647 New Liskeard, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-648 New Liskeard, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-649 Goulais, Ontario Bell Canada
705-650 New Liskeard, Ontario Bell Mobility
705-651 Lakefield, Ontario Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-652 Lakefield, Ontario Bell Canada
705-653 Campbellford, Ontario Bell Canada
705-654 Burleigh Falls, Ontario Bell Canada
705-655 Apsley, Ontario Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-656 Apsley, Ontario Bell Canada
705-657 Buckhorn, Ontario Bell Canada
705-658 Moose Factory, Ontario Ontera, A Division Of Bell Canada
705-659 Buckhorn, Ontario Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-660 Norwood, Ontario Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-661 Campbellford, Ontario Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-662 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-663 Redbridge, Ontario Bell Canada
705-664 Sudbury, Ontario Telus Integrated Communications
705-665 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-666 Moonstone, Ontario Bell Canada
705-667 North Bay, Ontario Telus Integrated Communications
705-668 Kirkland Lake, Ontario Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
705-669 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-670 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-671 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-672 Haileybury, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-673 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-674 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-675 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-676 Latchford, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-677 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-678 Elk Lake, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-679 Cobalt, Ontario Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-680 Haileybury, Ontario Exatel Inc.
705-681 Gravenhurst, Ontario Telus Integrated Communications
705-682 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-683 Ontario (Unknown)
705-684 Gravenhurst, Ontario Bell Canada
705-685 Sprucedale, Ontario Bell Canada
705-686 Coldwater, Ontario Amtelecom Limited Partnership
705-687 Gravenhurst, Ontario Bell Canada
705-688 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-689 Severn Bridge, Ontario Bell Canada
705-690 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Mobility
705-691 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Canada
705-692 Lively, Ontario Bell Canada
705-693 Garson, Ontario Bell Canada
705-694 Coniston, Ontario Bell Canada
705-695 Estaire, Ontario Bell Canada
705-696 Hastings, Ontario Bell Canada
705-697 Hastings, Ontario Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-698 Sudbury, Ontario Bell Mobility
705-699 Garson, Ontario Bell Canada

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User Reports

July 23, 2024
called 4 times in a row. Robocall - didn't get through the smart call blocker - no message
July 22, 2024
called and saying all this sexual things and want to rape me. Police report is filed.
July 10, 2024
called our business threatening us with a legal complaint and to call back to speak to someone immed ...
July 9, 2024
they claim to be chase bank and requested my account and routing number. SCAM SCAM SCAM
July 3, 2024
Repeat caller, hangs up when call screening