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Area Code 639

There are 800 phone number prefixes within area code 639. Additionally, there are more than 100 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 639 is Saskatchewan, Canada. Most numbers in this area code are in US Central time, where the time is currently 2:44:25 PM on July 21, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
639-800 Biggar, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-801 Biggar, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-802 Moosomin, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-803 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-804 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-805 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-806 Moosomin, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-807 Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Sasktel
639-808 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-809 Davidson, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-810 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-811 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-812 Biggar, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-813 Radville, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-814 Redvers, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-815 Stoughton, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-816 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-817 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-818 Lampman, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-819 Midale, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-820 Tribune, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-821 La Loche, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-822 Neilburg, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-823 Yorkton, Saskatchewan Sasktel
639-824 Moosomin, Saskatchewan Isp Telecom
639-825 Indian Head, Saskatchewan Isp Telecom
639-826 Lumsden, Saskatchewan Isp Telecom
639-827 Grenfell, Saskatchewan Isp Telecom
639-828 Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-829 Regina, Saskatchewan Iristel Inc.
639-830 Hodgeville, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-831 Val Marie, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-832 Ile-A-La-Crosse, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-833 Green Lake, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-834 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-835 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-836 Loon Lake, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-837 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-838 Regina, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-839 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-840 Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-841 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-842 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-843 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-844 Turtleford, Saskatchewan Sasktel Mobility
639-845 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-846 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-847 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-848 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-849 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-850 Weyburn, Saskatchewan Sasktel
639-851 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-852 Davidson, Saskatchewan Isp Telecom
639-853 Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan Isp Telecom
639-854 Kipling, Saskatchewan Isp Telecom
639-855 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-856 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-857 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-858 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-859 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-860 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-861 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-862 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-863 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-864 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-865 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-866 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-867 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-868 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-869 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
639-870 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-871 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-872 Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-873 Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-874 Unity, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-875 Saskatchewan (Unknown)
639-876 Kindersley, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-877 Weyburn, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-878 North Battleford, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-879 Marshall, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-880 Turtleford, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-881 Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-882 Loon Lake, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-883 Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-884 Yorkton, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-885 Macklin, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-886 Dundurn, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-887 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-888 Regina, Saskatchewan Telus Integrated Communications
639-889 Lashburn, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-890 Eston, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-891 Kerrobert, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-892 Macklin, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-893 La Loche, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-894 Maidstone, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-895 North Battleford, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-896 Rosetown, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-897 Wilkie, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-898 Turtleford, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility
639-899 Unity, Saskatchewan Bell Mobility

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User Reports

July 10, 2024
called our business threatening us with a legal complaint and to call back to speak to someone immed ...
July 9, 2024
they claim to be chase bank and requested my account and routing number. SCAM SCAM SCAM
July 3, 2024
Repeat caller, hangs up when call screening
July 3, 2024
Wants to collects medical bill
June 30, 2024
Calling for a couple of days and on sunday every few hours. Lookup says possible spam