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Area Code 581

There are 800 phone number prefixes within area code 581. Additionally, there are more than 200 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 581 is Quebec, Canada. Most numbers in this area code are in US Eastern time, where the time is currently 12:29:09 AM on July 25, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
581-400 Quebec, Quebec Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
581-401 Quebec, Quebec Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
581-402 Quebec (Unknown)
581-403 Quebec (Unknown)
581-404 Quebec, Quebec Ixica Communications Inc.
581-405 La Guadeloupe, Quebec Ivic Telecom S.e.n.c
581-406 Quebec (Unknown)
581-407 Quebec (Unknown)
581-408 Rimouski, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-409 Baie-Comeau, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-410 Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-411 Quebec (Unknown)
581-412 Chateau-Richer, Quebec Telebec Ltee.
581-413 Leeds, Quebec Ivic Telecom S.e.n.c
581-414 East Broughton, Quebec Ivic Telecom S.e.n.c
581-415 St-Methode-de-Frontenac, Quebec Ivic Telecom S.e.n.c
581-416 Tring Jonction, Quebec Ivic Telecom S.e.n.c
581-417 Stratford, Quebec Ivic Telecom S.e.n.c
581-418 Quebec (Unknown)
581-419 Donnacona, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-420 Beauceville, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-421 St-Eleuthere, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-422 Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbiniere, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-423 Sainte-Henedine, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-424 Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-425 Vallee-Jonction, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-426 Frampton, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-427 Saint-Bernard-de-Dorchester, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-428 Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-429 Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-430 Chibougamau, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
581-431 Alma, Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-432 Quebec (Unknown)
581-433 Chicoutimi, Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-434 Jonquiere, Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-435 La Baie (Chicoutimi Co.), Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-436 Quebec (Unknown)
581-437 Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-438 St-Felicien, Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-439 Quebec (Unknown)
581-440 Thetford Mines, Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-441 Bonaventure, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-442 Roberval, Quebec Bell Aliant, A Division Of Bell Canada
581-443 Quebec, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-444 Fermont, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-445 Chibougamau, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-446 Quebec, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-447 Chicoutimi, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-448 Saint-Prosper-de-Dorchester, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-449 Saint-Come, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-450 Loretteville, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-451 Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-452 Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-453 Havre-Aubert, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-454 Disraeli, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-455 La Guadeloupe, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-456 Rimouski, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-457 Saint-Simon-de-Rimouski, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-458 St-Methode-de-Frontenac, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-459 Quebec, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-460 Quebec (Unknown)
581-461 Bonaventure, Quebec Bell Canada
581-462 Caplan, Quebec Bell Canada
581-463 Maria, Quebec Bell Canada
581-464 Chibougamau, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-465 Matane, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-466 Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec Bell Mobility
581-467 Quebec (Unknown)
581-468 Quebec (Unknown)
581-469 Quebec (Unknown)
581-470 Bonaventure, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-471 Chandler, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-472 Rimouski, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-473 St-Felicien, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-474 Donnacona, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-475 Chicoutimi, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-476 Alma, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-477 Levis, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-478 Dolbeau, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-479 Chibougamau, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-480 Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-481 Chibougamau, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-482 Bic, Quebec Bell Canada
581-483 Les Boules, Quebec Bell Canada
581-484 Luceville, Quebec Bell Canada
581-485 Mont-Joli, Quebec Bell Canada
581-486 Sainte-Blandine, Quebec Bell Canada
581-487 Saint-Gabriel, Quebec Bell Canada
581-488 Saint-Simon-de-Rimouski, Quebec Bell Canada
581-489 Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec Iristel Inc.
581-490 Chicoutimi, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-491 Quebec, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
581-492 Cap-des-Rosiers, Quebec Bell Canada
581-493 Cloridorme, Quebec Bell Canada
581-494 Grande-Riviere, Quebec Bell Canada
581-495 Grande-Vallee, Quebec Bell Canada
581-496 Murdochville, Quebec Bell Canada
581-497 Riviere-au-Renard, Quebec Bell Canada
581-498 St-Jean-ile-d'Orleans, Quebec Isp Telecom
581-499 Carleton, Quebec Iristel Inc.

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User Reports

July 23, 2024
called 4 times in a row. Robocall - didn't get through the smart call blocker - no message
July 22, 2024
called and saying all this sexual things and want to rape me. Police report is filed.
July 10, 2024
called our business threatening us with a legal complaint and to call back to speak to someone immed ...
July 9, 2024
they claim to be chase bank and requested my account and routing number. SCAM SCAM SCAM
July 3, 2024
Repeat caller, hangs up when call screening