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Area Code 450

There are 800 phone number prefixes within area code 450. Additionally, there are more than 400 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 450 is Quebec, Canada. Most numbers in this area code are in US Eastern time, where the time is currently 5:53:05 PM on February 24, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
450-800 Laprairie, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-801 Valleyfield, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-802 Valleyfield, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-803 Joliette, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-804 Ste-Julie-de-Vercheres, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-805 St-Marc, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-806 Ste-Therese, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-807 Valleyfield, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-808 Sorel, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-809 Varennes, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-810 Quebec (Unknown)
450-811 Quebec (Unknown)
450-812 St-Lambert, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-813 Beloeil, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-814 Dunham, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-815 Cowansville, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-816 St-Cesaire, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-817 St-Paul-D'Abbotsford, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-818 Ste-Therese, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-819 Quebec (Unknown)
450-820 St-Jerome, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-821 St-Jerome, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-822 St-Jerome, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-823 Vercheres, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-824 Terrebonne, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-825 Howick, Quebec Bell Canada
450-826 St-Chrysostome, Quebec Bell Canada
450-827 Franklin Centre, Quebec Bell Canada
450-828 Chomedey, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-829 Ormstown, Quebec Bell Canada
450-830 Granby, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-831 Ste-Julienne, Quebec Bell Canada
450-832 St-Jean-de-Matha, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-833 St-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec Bell Canada
450-834 Rawdon, Quebec Bell Canada
450-835 St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Quebec Bell Canada
450-836 Berthierville, Quebec Bell Canada
450-837 St-Felix-de-Valois, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-838 Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec Bell Canada
450-839 St-Jacques, Quebec Bell Canada
450-840 St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-841 Le Gardeur, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-842 St-Barthelemy, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-843 Ormstown, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-844 Chateauguay, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-845 St-Constant, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-846 Sorel, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-847 St-Hyacinthe, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-848 St-Jerome, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-849 Vercheres, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-850 St-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-851 Quebec (Unknown)
450-852 St-Clet, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-853 Hudson, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-854 Valleyfield, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-855 Sorel, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-856 Brownsburg, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-857 Boucherville, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-858 St-Jerome, Quebec Bell Mobility
450-859 Valleyfield, Quebec Distributel
450-860 Laval-Ouest, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-861 Laval-Est, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-862 Ste-Rose, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-863 Pont-Viau, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-864 Beloeil, Quebec Distributel
450-865 Rawdon, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-866 St-Jacques, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-867 Joliette, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-868 Boucherville, Quebec Distributel
450-869 St-Vincent-de-Paul, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-870 St-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-871 Quebec (Unknown)
450-872 St-Pie, Quebec Groupe Maskatel Quebec Lp
450-873 Quebec (Unknown)
450-874 Laprairie, Quebec Distributel
450-875 Joliette, Quebec Distributel
450-876 Longueuil, Quebec Distributel
450-877 Granby, Quebec Distributel
450-878 St-Lambert, Quebec Distributel
450-879 Laval-Ouest, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-880 Sorel, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-881 Sorel, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-882 Rawdon, Quebec Bell Canada
450-883 St-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez, Quebec Bell Canada
450-884 St-Zenon, Quebec Bell Canada
450-885 St-Barthelemy, Quebec Bell Canada
450-886 St-Jean-de-Matha, Quebec Bell Canada
450-887 Lanoraie, Quebec Bell Canada
450-888 St-Hyacinthe, Quebec Bell Mobility
450-889 St-Felix-de-Valois, Quebec Bell Canada
450-890 St-Lambert, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-891 Boucherville, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-892 Longueuil, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-893 St-Bruno, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-894 St-Hugues, Quebec Groupe Maskatel Quebec Lp
450-895 St-Jean, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-896 St-Lambert, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-897 Vaudreuil, Quebec Distributel
450-898 Joliette, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-899 Sorel, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.

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February 13, 2024
They keep on calling me. Asking all the time if the same person is there, I don,t no this person ...
February 11, 2024
I received a text saying claiming to be Bank of America and saying transaction had been locked. This ...
February 8, 2024
My name is Poopy I love pizza
February 7, 2024
Calls from private number says they are going to serve legal documents and to call this number. Pers ...