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Area Code 450

There are 800 phone number prefixes within area code 450. Additionally, there are more than 400 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 450 is Quebec, Canada. Most numbers in this area code are in US Eastern time, where the time is currently 2:11:30 PM on March 2, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
450-300 Boucherville, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-301 St-Remi, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-302 St-Lin, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-303 St-Calixte-de-Kilkenny, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-304 St-Jerome, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-305 Granby, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-306 Cowansville, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-307 Mirabel-Aeroport, Quebec Telus Quebec
450-308 Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-309 Hudson, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-310 7 Digit Service, Quebec Bell Canada
450-311 Quebec (Unknown)
450-312 Terrebonne, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-313 Mascouche, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-314 Laval-Ouest, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-315 Laval-Est, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-316 Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-317 Les Cedres, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-318 Rigaud, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-319 Vaudreuil, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-320 Granby, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-321 Longueuil, Quebec Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (cable)
450-322 Valleyfield, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-323 St-Eustache, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-324 Ste-Julie-de-Vercheres, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-325 Mascouche, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-326 Terrebonne, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-327 St-Jerome, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-328 Pont-Viau, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-329 Venise-en-Quebec, Quebec Telecommunications Xittel Inc
450-330 Granby, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-331 Lachute, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-332 Longueuil, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-333 Rawdon, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-334 Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-335 Shawbridge, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-336 St-Sauveur, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-337 Farnham, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-338 Ste-Julie-de-Vercheres, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-339 Beloeil, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-340 St-Sauveur, Quebec Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
450-341 St-Lambert, Quebec Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
450-342 St-Damase, Quebec Groupe Maskatel Quebec Lp
450-343 Chomedey, Quebec Innsysvoice Corp
450-344 St-Damase, Quebec Telus Quebec
450-345 Pierreville, Quebec 9164-3122 Quebec Inc
450-346 St-Jean, Quebec Bell Canada
450-347 St-Jean, Quebec Bell Canada
450-348 St-Jean, Quebec Bell Canada
450-349 St-Jean, Quebec Bell Canada
450-350 St-Jean, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-351 Beauharnois, Quebec Comwave Networks
450-352 Sorel, Quebec 9164-3122 Quebec Inc
450-353 Howick, Quebec Comwave Networks
450-354 Quebec (Unknown)
450-355 Ste-Madeleine, Quebec Telus Quebec
450-356 Boucherville, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-357 St-Jean, Quebec Bell Canada
450-358 St-Jean, Quebec Bell Canada
450-359 St-Jean, Quebec Bell Canada
450-360 Granby, Quebec Bell Canada
450-361 Granby, Quebec Bell Canada
450-362 Yamaska, Quebec 9164-3122 Quebec Inc
450-363 Boucherville, Quebec Allstream Inc.
450-364 St-Chrysostome, Quebec Comwave Networks
450-365 Joliette, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-366 Actonvale, Quebec Telus Quebec
450-367 Laval-Est, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-368 Lavaltrie, Quebec Telus Mobility
450-369 Valleyfield, Quebec Fido Solutions Inc.
450-370 Valleyfield, Quebec Bell Canada
450-371 Valleyfield, Quebec Bell Canada
450-372 Granby, Quebec Bell Canada
450-373 Valleyfield, Quebec Bell Canada
450-374 Valleyfield, Quebec Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
450-375 Granby, Quebec Bell Canada
450-376 St-Jean, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-377 Valleyfield, Quebec Bell Canada
450-378 Granby, Quebec Bell Canada
450-379 St-Paul-D'Abbotsford, Quebec Bell Canada
450-380 St-Simon, Quebec 9164-3122 Quebec Inc
450-381 Ste-Helene-de-Bagot, Quebec 9164-3122 Quebec Inc
450-382 Quebec (Unknown)
450-383 St-Thomas-d'Aquin, Quebec 9164-3122 Quebec Inc
450-384 St-Simon, Quebec Groupe Maskatel Quebec Lp
450-385 St-Hyacinthe, Quebec 9164-3122 Quebec Inc
450-386 Joliette, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-387 St-Constant, Quebec Comwave Networks
450-388 St-Pie, Quebec Telus Quebec
450-389 Crabtree, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-390 St-Jean, Quebec Iristel Inc.
450-391 Ste-Marthe, Quebec Isp Telecom
450-392 Contrecoeur, Quebec Telebec Ltee.
450-393 Ste-Sabine, Quebec Telebec Ltee.
450-394 Joliette, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-395 Beauharnois, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-396 Longueuil, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-397 St-Jacques, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-398 Joliette, Quebec Videotron Ltd.
450-399 Ste-Julienne, Quebec Videotron Ltd.

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My name is Poopy I love pizza