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Area Code 447

There are 139 phone number prefixes within area code 447. Additionally, there are more than 0 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 447 is Illinois, USA. Most numbers in this area code are in US Central time, where the time is currently 9:18:33 PM on July 18, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
447-200 Melvin, IL Fractel, Llc
447-201 Champaign Urbana, IL Ip Horizon Llc
447-202 Springfield, IL Ip Horizon Llc
447-203 Roberts, IL Telnyx Llc
447-204 La Harpe, IL New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Il
447-205 Greenup, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-206 Columbus, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-207 Fithian, IL Teleport Communications America, Llc - Il
447-208 Chrisman, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-209 Champaign Urbana, IL Wavenation, Llc
447-210 West Dana, IL Skye Telecom Llc Dba Skyetel
447-211 Illinois
447-212 West Union, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-213 Shelbyville, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-214 Fillmore, IL Computer Techniques, Inc. - Il
447-215 Watson, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-216 Danville, IL T-mobile Usa, Inc.
447-217 Illinois
447-218 Champaign Urbana, IL Stratus Networks
447-219 Charleston, IL T-mobile Usa, Inc.
447-220 Champaign Urbana, IL Dish Wireless, Llc
447-221 Westervelt, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-222 Armstrong, IL Fractel, Llc
447-223 Findlay, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-224 Kirksville, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-225 Vermilion, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-226 Springfield, IL Dish Wireless, Llc
447-227 Paxton, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-228 Oreana, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-229 Hull, IL Teleport Communications America, Llc - Il
447-230 Champaign Urbana, IL Mcleodusa Telecommunication Services, Inc. - Il
447-231 Chatham, IL Commio, Llc
447-232 Danville, IL Commio, Llc
447-233 Decatur, IL Ton80 Communications, Llc
447-234 Gifford, IL Fractel, Llc
447-235 Marshall, IL New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Il
447-237 Penfield, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-244 Georgetown, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-247 Loda, IL Fractel, Llc
447-257 Mason City, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-267 Oakford, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-274 Petersburg, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-277 Philo, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-300 Mansfield, IL Fractel, Llc
447-301 Paris, IL Skye Telecom Llc Dba Skyetel
447-311 Illinois
447-317 Scottville, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-333 Bismarck, IL Fractel, Llc
447-336 Mount Pulaski, IL Fractel, Llc
447-344 Mount Sterling, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-345 Cantrall, IL Fractel, Llc
447-347 Cheneyville, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-348 New Berlin, IL Fractel, Llc
447-356 Riverton, IL Fractel, Llc
447-387 Sullivan, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-400 Sherman, IL Fractel, Llc
447-410 Champaign Urbana, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-411 Illinois
447-417 Springfield, IL Twilio International, Inc.
447-427 Tallula, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-432 Ludlow, IL Fractel, Llc
447-437 Basco, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-440 Bowen, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-441 Elvaston, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-442 West Dana, IL Bandwidth.com Clec, Llc - Il
447-444 Bondville, IL Fractel, Llc
447-445 Indianola, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-446 Champaign Urbana, IL Hd Carrier Llc
447-447 Illinois
447-448 Springfield, IL Hd Carrier Llc
447-449 Danville, IL Metropcs, Inc.
447-457 Sutter, IL Onvoy, Llc
447-465 Henning, IL Fractel, Llc
447-466 Chatham, IL Ton80 Communications, Llc
447-467 Williamsville, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-474 Tuscola, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-477 Fisher, IL Fractel, Llc
447-487 Quincy, IL Twilio International, Inc.
447-497 Mattoon, IL Twilio International, Inc.
447-500 Hammond, IL Fractel, Llc
447-511 Illinois
447-529 Decatur, IL Fractel, Llc
447-547 Thawville, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-555 Illinois
447-557 Sidell, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-574 Rushville, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-600 Tolono, IL Fractel, Llc
447-610 Jacksonville, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-611 Illinois
447-626 Jacksonville, IL Skye Telecom Llc Dba Skyetel
447-627 Sibley, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-644 Royal, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-647 Mahomet, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-666 Buckley, IL Fractel, Llc
447-667 Ogden, IL Fractel, Llc
447-674 Ivesdale, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-677 Potomac, IL Radiantiq Llc
447-700 Illinois
447-711 Illinois
447-715 Springfield, IL Skye Telecom Llc Dba Skyetel

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User Reports

July 10, 2024
called our business threatening us with a legal complaint and to call back to speak to someone immed ...
July 9, 2024
they claim to be chase bank and requested my account and routing number. SCAM SCAM SCAM
July 3, 2024
Repeat caller, hangs up when call screening
July 3, 2024
Wants to collects medical bill
June 30, 2024
Calling for a couple of days and on sunday every few hours. Lookup says possible spam