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Area Code 223

There are 184 phone number prefixes within area code 223. Additionally, there are more than 0 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 223 is Pennsylvania, USA. Most numbers in this area code are in US Eastern time, where the time is currently 7:41:48 AM on February 26, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
223-316 Lebanon, PA D&e/omnipoint Wirel Joint Vent Lp Dba Pcs One
223-322 Harrisburg City Zone-1, PA Onvoy Spectrum, Llc
223-323 Terre Hill, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-332 Lykens, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-333 Lebanon, PA Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Pa
223-334 Millersburg, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-336 Carlisle, PA Fractel, Llc
223-343 Hummelstown, PA Onvoy Spectrum, Llc
223-344 Dauphin, PA Onvoy Spectrum, Llc
223-345 Chambersburg, PA Fractel, Llc
223-348 Dover, PA Fractel, Llc
223-355 Dry Run, PA Onvoy Spectrum, Llc
223-356 Intercourse, PA Fractel, Llc
223-362 Newport, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-366 Strasburg, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-377 Warfordsburg, PA Fractel, Llc
223-386 Chambersburg, PA Fractel, Llc
223-388 Biglerville, PA Fractel, Llc
223-399 East Berlin, PA Fractel, Llc
223-400 Hanover (york), PA Core Communications, Inc. - Pa
223-403 Landisville, PA Onvoy Spectrum, Llc
223-411 Pennsylvania
223-423 Ickesburg, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-426 Waynesboro, PA Core Communications, Inc. - Pa
223-433 Loganville, PA Onvoy Spectrum, Llc
223-444 Lancaster, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-465 Greencastle, PA Fractel, Llc
223-466 Mount Gretna, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-488 Harrisburg City Zone-1, PA Skye Telecom Llc Dba Skyetel
223-500 Jefferson (york), PA Fractel, Llc
223-511 Pennsylvania
223-523 Shippensburg, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-529 Lancaster, PA Fractel, Llc
223-533 Carlisle, PA Skye Telecom Llc Dba Skyetel
223-543 St Thomas, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-555 Pennsylvania
223-563 Marion, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-570 Pennsylvania
223-600 Liverpool, PA Fractel, Llc
223-611 Pennsylvania
223-623 Quarryville, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-624 Newburg (cumberland), PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-639 Marysville, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-666 Harrisburg City Zone-1, PA Fractel, Llc
223-667 Columbia, PA Fractel, Llc
223-677 Reedsville (mifflin), PA Fractel, Llc
223-678 Schaefferstown, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-700 Pennsylvania
223-711 Pennsylvania
223-717 Pennsylvania
223-727 Tower City, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-732 Palmyra, PA Fractel, Llc
223-733 Chambersburg, PA Skye Telecom Llc Dba Skyetel
223-746 Mifflintown, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-747 East Berlin, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-758 Mechanicsburg (cumberland), PA Fractel, Llc
223-763 Gap, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-766 Mercersburg, PA Fractel, Llc
223-777 Strasburg, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa
223-786 Stewartstown, PA Fractel, Llc
223-797 Harrisburg City Zone-1, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-800 Harrisburg City Zone-1, PA Core Communications, Inc. - Pa
223-811 Pennsylvania
223-832 Kirkwood, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-837 East Waterford, PA Core Communications, Inc. - Pa
223-842 Newville (cumberland Co), PA Fractel, Llc
223-848 York, PA Metropcs, Inc.
223-877 York, PA Fractel, Llc
223-883 Millerstown (perry), PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-888 Halifax, PA Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Pa
223-895 Harrisburg City Zone-1, PA Twilio International, Inc.
223-900 Hershey, PA Terra Nova Telecom Inc.
223-901 Ephrata, PA Onvoy Spectrum, Llc
223-911 Pennsylvania
223-924 Fairfield (adams), PA Core Communications, Inc. - Pa
223-946 Myerstown, PA Fractel, Llc
223-950 Pennsylvania
223-958 Pennsylvania
223-959 Pennsylvania
223-966 Richfield, PA Ton80 Communications, Llc
223-976 Pennsylvania
223-977 Port Royal, PA Fractel, Llc
223-988 Pennsylvania
223-999 Shellsville, PA Onvoy, Llc - Pa

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User Reports

February 20, 2024
This number called at 8:30 am on February 20, 2024!!
February 13, 2024
They keep on calling me. Asking all the time if the same person is there, I don,t no this person ...
February 11, 2024
I received a text saying claiming to be Bank of America and saying transaction had been locked. This ...
February 8, 2024
My name is Poopy I love pizza
February 7, 2024
Calls from private number says they are going to serve legal documents and to call this number. Pers ...