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Area Code 204

There are 800 phone number prefixes within area code 204. Additionally, there are more than 1,100 phone numbers in this area code that have received at least one user report. The location of calls from area code 204 is Manitoba, Canada. Most numbers in this area code are in US Central time, where the time is currently 2:25:46 PM on February 27, 2024.
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Prefix City / State Primary Telco
204-400 Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Iristel Inc.
204-401 Ste. Anne, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-402 Brandon, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-403 Oakbank, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-404 Stonewall, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-405 Sanford, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-406 Selkirk, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-407 Gimli, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-408 Steinbach, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-409 Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-410 Winnipeg, Manitoba Comwave Networks
204-411 Manitoba (Unknown)
204-412 Rivers, Manitoba Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
204-413 Souris, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-414 Winnipeg, Manitoba Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-415 Winnipeg, Manitoba Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-416 Winnipeg, Manitoba Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-417 Winnipeg, Manitoba Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-418 Sanford, Manitoba Les.net (1996) Inc.
204-419 Dugald, Manitoba Les.net (1996) Inc.
204-420 Selkirk, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-421 Winnipeg, Manitoba Shaw Telecom Inc.
204-422 Ste. Anne, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-423 Piney, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-424 La Broquerie, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-425 Vita, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-426 Hadashville, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-427 Dominion City, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-428 Southport, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-429 Woodridge, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-430 Winnipeg, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-431 Manitoba (Unknown)
204-432 Miami, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-433 St. Pierre, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-434 Grunthal, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-435 Miami, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-436 Elm Creek, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-437 Sprague, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-438 Petersfield, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-439 Grunthal, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-440 Boissevain, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-441 Brandon, Manitoba Telus Mobility
204-442 Gimli, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-443 Oakbank, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-444 Oakbank, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-445 Langruth, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-446 Oakbank, Manitoba Les.net (1996) Inc.
204-447 Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-448 Eddystone, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-449 Steep Rock, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-450 St. Theresa Point, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-451 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-452 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-453 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-454 Stonewall, Manitoba Les.net (1996) Inc.
204-455 Brandon, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-456 Garden Hill, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-457 Waasagomach, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-458 Pikwitonei, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-459 Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-460 Manitoba (Unknown)
204-461 Stonewall, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-462 St. Theresa Point, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-463 Neepawa, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-464 Stonewall, Manitoba Provincial Tel Inc.
204-465 Roblin, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-466 Sidney, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-467 Stonewall, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-468 Sherridon, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-469 Red Sucker Lake, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-470 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-471 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-472 Cranberry Portage, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-473 Leaf Rapids, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-474 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-475 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-476 Neepawa, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-477 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-478 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-479 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-480 Winnipeg, Manitoba Gt Group Telecom Services Corp.
204-481 Selkirk, Manitoba Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
204-482 Selkirk, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-483 Souris, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-484 Nelson House, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-485 Selkirk, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-486 Sundance, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-487 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-488 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-489 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-490 Stonewall, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-491 Virden, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-492 Selkirk, Manitoba Mts Inc.
204-493 Winkler, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-494 Arborg, Manitoba Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
204-495 Beausejour, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-496 Ochre River, Manitoba Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (wireless)
204-497 Carman, Manitoba Fido Solutions Inc.
204-498 Selkirk, Manitoba Les.net (1996) Inc.
204-499 Winnipeg, Manitoba Mts Inc.

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My name is Poopy I love pizza
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